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What is

Hernia mesh products have been heralded as a great medical breakthrough that can help patients recover from this often painful and uncomfortable condition.

However, some of the products companies have introduced in the last 15-20 years can cause chronic and permanent pain, serious infections, organ damage, and even death.

This site was created to help inform, educate and empower victims and survivors, families of individuals who have been hurt or who are deceased, and the medical community about the state of hernia mesh lawsuits in Canada.

Get Legal and Community Support

If you, a loved one or a one of your patients have experienced side effects from a hernia mesh product, you know how physically and emotionally draining dealing with these post-surgical complications can be.

While medical interventions may be the most appropriate initial step, sometimes a victim or survivor can only achieve a sense of closure when they seek justice for the harm they’ve experienced.

By visiting the pages in this site, we hope you’ll learn valuable information about hernia mesh defects and recalls, find a space in conjunction with a Facebook page to connect with other victims/survivors to share your experiences, and to provide a way to help people who would like to start a hernia mesh lawsuit in Canada.

Can I Participate in The Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

For the most part, to meet the threshold for participating in a lawsuit, a person (or loved one suing on their behalf) they would have required surgical intervention after experiencing complications from their hernia mesh product.

For candidates to file a mass tort action (individual lawsuit), would have or need to remove, fix, or repair their hernia mesh.

By learning about potential side effects, symptoms and which products have been recalled due to problems, we believe you will be better placed to make informed decisions about your medical care and to exercise your legal options.

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Talk to a Product Liability Lawyer

Even if one or more of the above situations apply, a product liability lawyer who is knowledgeable about hernia mesh cases can explain exceptions that may apply.