Do I Qualify to Join the Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit in Canada – Do I Qualify?

Not all patients who have had defective mesh implanted will experience physical side effects or injuries from the product.

Do You Have a Defective Mesh Implant?

Knowing you have a defective product in your body can result in mental anguish as well. Nevertheless, a victim must sometimes meet a particular threshold or condition to file a defective hernia mesh mass tort lawsuit.

Do You Qualify?

The following situations are general indications that you may qualify:

Mesh Implant Complications

You have experienced complications that you believe are the result of the defective mesh implant. These commonly include: chronic pain (more than three months), infection or abscess, hernia recurrence, mesh migration or adhesion, obstruction, fistula formation and organ perforation.

Infection Recurrence

You have had or require revision surgery to treat recurrence or infection from hernia mesh.

Hernia Mesh Removal

You require surgery to remove the hernia mesh product.

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Talk to a Product Liability Lawyer

Even if one or more of the above situations apply, a product liability lawyer who is knowledgeable about hernia mesh cases can explain exceptions that may apply.

Tell Us Your Hernia Mesh Story

Suffering from serious complications (infections, wound reopening, chronic pain, bowel obstructions) due to a hernia mesh implant? Tell us your story.